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Pokémon Shuffle May Hit 3DS eShop Next Week

Multiple reports are claiming that Pokémon Shuffle may arrive on the 3DS eShop next week in North America. This news was apparently revealed via an official news letter that apparently states the game will be available on Wednesday, February 18th. Pokemon Shuffle involves the player matching three or more Pokemon in a “puzzles and dragons” style puzzle area. Matching Pokemon will deal damage as the player battle wild Pokémon across diverse stages.


New Pokémon Details and Box Art Revealed

Pokemon XY



Fresh news has come out from the Pokémon Company today revealing quite a bit of new details including the above box art, a new video and details surrounding some of the new Pokémon. When the game hits stores this October players will dive into a new Pokémon region called  Kalos. Kalos is said to be a mysterious place shaped like a star where trainers will encounter thriving cities, beautiful forest and brand new Pokémon. The city within Kalos is called Lumiose City and features an iconic tower that is sure to be a central point in the X and Y games. Below is some more information on some of the Pokémon that you will encounter during the game. And for some more fun check out the trailer after the break.


  • The cowardly Pokémon Helioptile, a Normal- and Electric-type Pokémon, can generate enough electricity through sunbathing to power machinery. But wise Trainers won’t be deterred by Helioptile’s lack of bravery. It knows Parabolic Charge, a brand-new move where Helioptile attacks everything around it. Helioptile’s HP is restored by half the damage taken by those h


  • Fletchling, a Normal- and Flying-type Pokémon, sings with a beautiful chirp that is sure to delight any Trainer. Although it is known to be very friendly, Fletchling will suddenly unleash relentless attacks once it’s in battle. For example, when it uses its Fire-type move Flame Charge in battle, in addition to doing damage, Fletchling’s Speed increases every tim


  • With a leaf always in its mouth and an intimidating glare that is rarely effective, Fighting-type Pokémon Pancham shows its playful side when it lets out a little smile when its head is pat. Pancham can learn a brand-new move, Parting Shot, which not only lowers an opponent’s Attack and Special Attack, but also allows Pancham to switch out for another Pokémon in a Trainer’s party during battle.


  • Pokémon X and Pokémon Y introduce a new method of transportation—riding the brand-new Pokémon, Gogoat. This large Grass-type Pokémon is a reliable way to travel certain parts of Lumiose City. In battle, it can use Horn Leech to recover HP equal to half the damage dealt by this move.





Pokémon Company Reminds Fans Big News Arrives Tomorrow




Pokémon Company teased us via Twitter today that big news arrives tomorrow for Pokémon X & Y. The folks over at the Pokémon Company have been hush hush with any possible hints as to what we can expect. The good news is there is only a matter of hours until the big news arrives. So what could the big news encompass? Perhaps we will see a set of new Pokémon types and Regions or maybe some new evolutions. Stay tuned for more incoming reveals.

Pokémon Eevee Gets a New Evolution



Based on a scan from Japan’s CoroCoro Comics, Pokémon Eevee looks to be getting a new evolution. The final evolution of Eevee is said to be called Ninfia who stands one meter and 23 kilograms. The Pokémon Ninfia’s type remains a secret at this point but keep in mind that Pokémon can evolve into many different types including grass, water, electric and more.

Nintendo of America Announces Pokémon Themed Nintendo Direct Tomorrow


Nintendo of America took to twitter to announce that a Pokémon themed Nintendo Direct will take place tomorrow. President of Nintendo Satoru Iwata will take the stage tomorrow in Nintendo’s first 2013 Nintendo Direct to deliver a short announcement that is Pokémon related. Here is the official tweet message from Nintendo below.

Join fans around the world tmrw for the 1st Nintendo Direct of 2013. Mr. Iwata will share a short message w/ Pokémon news @ 6 AM EST!

Pokémon News Coming January 8


A trailer that has been running in Japan for Pokémon Black & White 2 has shed light on big news set to be revealed on January 8, 2013. At this point there is no indication on what exactly this news will pertain to. Many fans have wished for everything from a 3DS version of Pokémon to an MMO version of the game. This could just be news surrounding the current games available but at this point all we can do is wait and see what January 8 brings us.

Official Pokédex App arrives on iOS



It’s official, The Pokémon Company has officially announced the Pokédex is now available on iOS. With information on over 600 Pokémon, fans can pick up the Pokédex for $1.99 on iOS devices. The app is compatible with iPhone, iPod and iPad devices. The app only includes Pokémon from the Unova Region Pokédex to start with. The remaining four Pokédex regions (Kanto, Johto, Hoenn and Sinnoh) are available to purchase for an additional $5.99 each. In all the app will cost you roughly $27.00.

Smash Bros. Regulars to get New Move Sets

Last week, the creator of Super Smash Bros., Masahiro Sakurai, announced some interesting news at the CEDEC developer conference regarding the upcoming Wii U and 3DS versions of the game. According to Sakurai, for characters returning from previous games in the series, there will be lots of new and exciting moves. He had also mentioned earlier that there may be new characters in the mix as well.