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Super Mario Run Coming To iOS

For years Nintendo stood on the fence when it came to putting their big ticket mascots on a system or mobile device other then their own. The tides have since changed and for the very first time in history Mario will appear exclusively on Apple’s App Store. 

During Apples September 7 conference revealing the new iPhone 7 and Apple Watch Series 2, Shigeru Miyamoto and Bill Trinen from Nintendo took the stage to show off the new side scrolling runner game where simplicity and ease of use is key. The game is described by Nintendo below. 

In this game, Mario constantly moves forward through the courses while you use a variety of jumps to navigate. Mario will behave differently depending on the timing of your taps, so it’s up to you to show off particularly smooth moves, gather coins, and reach the goal.

There are three different game modes to play. The first mode features challenging courses for you to complete while collecting coins. The second mode has you challenge the play data of other players to show who can beat a course with the most style to impress Toads into joining you. In the third mode, you get to create your own Mushroom Kingdom using the coins and Toads collected by playing the first two game modes.

Super Mario run will be a pay once and play game with no need to spend extra on in app purchases. The game will be hitting the iOS App Store exclusively this December. For a first look check out the gameplay video below.

Super Mario Run Game Play


Gameclip: Is this the beginning of the end for Consoles, or just a joke?

One of the biggest debates right now in the gaming industry is the Game Console vs. iPhone/Android argument. Both sides have formidable weapons to battle each other in this ongoing war but now Androids have something new. It’s called the gameclip.

This device allows you to attach a PS3 controller to your Android phone and use it with Android based games. The Phone and Sixaxis controller connect wirelessly using the Sixaxis Controller app from Dancing Pixel Studios.

Could this be the beginning of the end of big name consoles like Sony and Nintendo. Seems unlikely… The GamClip will be sold for a measly $15, but you have purchase a model based specifically for your model phone, which means every time you change phones you’ll need a new GameClip. It’s a neat idea but the idea of this device being the undoing of the big 3 is rather laughable. We shall see GameClip, we shall see…

Source: Gizmag