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Star Fox Wii U To Support Traditional And Motion Controls


A supposed page from the latest Game Informer is claiming the upcoming Star Fox Wii U game will support both analog and motion controls.


The pages reads as follows;

“Nintendo is planning on bringing Fox Mcloud out of retirement for a new entry on the Wii U. Fox will be able to fly his Arwing and seamlessly transform into a tank during certian sequences. Pilots can control the game either with their Gamepad’s analog sticks or motion control. The game was very early in development and looked admittedly rought the last we saw of it, but we’re hoping Fox gets the new, grand adventure he deserves.”


New Super Mario Bros. U Main Focus for Next Issue of Game Informer


Game Informer is showing off their cover art for their October issue (above) which will be very Nintendo focused, based on the teaser trailer they released. The main focus will be on New Super Mario Bros. U which is set for release alongside the Wii U this holiday season, but will also feature previews of other upcoming Wii U titles like Nintendo Land and Pikmin 3.

Source: VG24/7