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Super Mario Run Coming To iOS

For years Nintendo stood on the fence when it came to putting their big ticket mascots on a system or mobile device other then their own. The tides have since changed and for the very first time in history Mario will appear exclusively on Apple’s App Store. 

During Apples September 7 conference revealing the new iPhone 7 and Apple Watch Series 2, Shigeru Miyamoto and Bill Trinen from Nintendo took the stage to show off the new side scrolling runner game where simplicity and ease of use is key. The game is described by Nintendo below. 

In this game, Mario constantly moves forward through the courses while you use a variety of jumps to navigate. Mario will behave differently depending on the timing of your taps, so it’s up to you to show off particularly smooth moves, gather coins, and reach the goal.

There are three different game modes to play. The first mode features challenging courses for you to complete while collecting coins. The second mode has you challenge the play data of other players to show who can beat a course with the most style to impress Toads into joining you. In the third mode, you get to create your own Mushroom Kingdom using the coins and Toads collected by playing the first two game modes.

Super Mario run will be a pay once and play game with no need to spend extra on in app purchases. The game will be hitting the iOS App Store exclusively this December. For a first look check out the gameplay video below.

Super Mario Run Game Play


Wii U System Update 4.0.0 U Live


Nintendo has finally release a major system update for Wii U weighing in at a hefty 700MB. Here is a list of the new features you can expect from the latest version 4.0.0 U.

New Features:

  • A feature to output video and sound to the Wii U GamePad when using Wii Mode¹Users can choose to output to the TV and GamePad, or just the TV
  • Users can choose to output to the TV and GamePad, or just the TV
  • A feature to automatically receive recommended software and demo titles from Nintendo using SpotPass
  • Support for USB keyboards
  • An option to disable use of a Nintendo Network ID on non-Nintendo hardware, such as PCs and smartphones
  • Support for Dolby® Pro Logic® II Surround Sound when playing Wii software

Changes to Wii U Menu:

  • Added a friend list icon to the Wii U Menu for easier access to the Friend List


Changes to System Settings:

  • An option to automatically receive recommended software is now available under “Internet”
  • A setting to select which cable outputs sound is available through “TV”
  • Users can choose to output sound through an HDMI cable, non-HDMI cable, or both cables at the same time. Click here for instructions
  • A setting to adjust the hourly interval in which standby functions are performed is available under “Power Settings” when Standby Functions are enabled


Changes to Wii U Chat:

  • Added the option to view a friend’s profile on Miiverse when sending or receiving a chat request
  • Users can now chat using a headset connected to the Wii U GamePad


Changes to Internet Browser:

  • Pressing the R or L Buttons on the Wii U GamePad will skip video playback forward/back a small amount of time
  • Holding the R Button will speed up video playback
  • Ability to save username and passwords for websites that require login²
  • Ability to launch the Internet Browser during gameplay and upload screenshots
  • Added support for viewing PDF files³
  • Added features intended for website developers that allow the user to enable developer tools and set user agent


Improvements to system stability and usability:

  • Further improvements to overall system stability and other minor adjustments have been made to enhance the user experience

3DS And Wii U Focused Nintendo Direct Tomorrow

3DS WiiU Direct


Nintendo took to Twitter this morning to invite those who would like to take a minute out of Valentines Day tomorrow to view a new Nintendo Direct for America and Europe. Surprisingly Nintendo of Europe’s Direct will be focused solely on 3DS Whether this is due to struggling Wii U sales in Europe has yet to be confirmed. Nintendo stated this Nintendo Direct will be focused on Wii U and 3DS games at 6AM PST.



Pokémon Eevee Gets a New Evolution



Based on a scan from Japan’s CoroCoro Comics, Pokémon Eevee looks to be getting a new evolution. The final evolution of Eevee is said to be called Ninfia who stands one meter and 23 kilograms. The Pokémon Ninfia’s type remains a secret at this point but keep in mind that Pokémon can evolve into many different types including grass, water, electric and more.

Pokémon TV Arrives on iOS


The Pokémon Company seems to be warming up to iOS as of late. Not long ago iOS received it’s first official Pokémon Pokédex app and now and currently live on the iOS App Store arrived Pokémon TV. The new app features the ability to watch free Pokémon episodes from seasons 2, 4, 7, 12 and 14 in the series.

The app is well laid out with a scroll theme for selecting episodes which are categorized under seanson numbers and Pokémon Regions. Sadly the episodes are in 4.3 and do not take advantage of widescreen viewing leaving you with the classic black bars on each side of the screen. Pokémon TV is free to download for iOS users on the App Store now.

Pandora’s Tower for Wii Makes It’s Way to North America


XSEED has finally decided to publish the final third RPG game Pandora’s Tower in North America. In 2011 a movement dubbed “Operation Rainfall” came into effect when Nintendo of America refused to comment on the localization of Xenoblade, The Last Story and Pandora’s Tower in North America. Years North Americans will finally be able to get their hands on the last of three titles fought for by Operation Rainfall. Pandora’s Tower focuses on character Aeron’s travels into thirteen towers to break a curse on Elena that is transforming her into a beast, using his magical sword and chain. Look out for Pandora’s Tower sometime this Spring.

New Club Nintendo Game Rewards



Every two to three weeks Nintendo offers a variety of Club Nintendo games available to be redeemed with your hard earned coins collected from purchased games. Nintendo has finally updated the set of games available with the first set of games for 2013. Heres a list of what you can pick up today if you have the correct amount of coins.


Tetris  (150 Coins/3DS Virtual Console)

Snowpack Park (150 Coins/Wiiware)

Punch-Out Ft Mr.Dream (200 Coins/3DS Virtual Console)

Mario Kart 64 (200 Coins/Wii Virtual Console)

Nintendo of America Announces Pokémon Themed Nintendo Direct Tomorrow


Nintendo of America took to twitter to announce that a Pokémon themed Nintendo Direct will take place tomorrow. President of Nintendo Satoru Iwata will take the stage tomorrow in Nintendo’s first 2013 Nintendo Direct to deliver a short announcement that is Pokémon related. Here is the official tweet message from Nintendo below.

Join fans around the world tmrw for the 1st Nintendo Direct of 2013. Mr. Iwata will share a short message w/ Pokémon news @ 6 AM EST!

Used Wii U Consoles Allow others to Download Previously Purchased Games For Free


Neogaf user DSN2K has reported that after buying a used Wii U he discovered that previously purchased games from the Wii U eShop were still available for purchase even after the system had been wiped clean. Games purchased from the Wii U eShop are tied to the system itself and it appears that even with a clean wipe of the system, buyers of a used Wii U could be getting some free games at the expense of the previous owner.

Even if there are multiple accounts on the Wii U, players can still download purchased games from any one of the accounts created on the system. Essentially those looking to buy a Wii U may want to consider buying a used one from one of your local gaming stores as you might just save yourself some money by scoring some free games. There is no confirmation as of yet on whether Nintendo will be addressing this potential loss in digital game sales.

Sim City for SNES Removed from Wii Shop Channel


In late 2012 Donkey Kong Country had mysteriously disappeared from the Wii Shop Channel with no true explanation given to fans who haven’t had the chance to purchase it. It seems this trend is continuing with Sim City for the SNES which until now was also available on the Wii Shop Channel. Sim City will no longer be available for purchase for those wishing to pick it up and if your looking for an explanation as to why it has been removed you sadly wont find it as of now.