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Super Metroid Arrives on Wii U


Wii U owners who were anxious for the release of Super Metroid on the Wii U Virtual Console need not wait any longer. Today as part of Nintendo’s Wii U Virtual Console trail campaign and in celebration of the Famicom’s 30th anniversary you can pick up Super Metroid for the very low price of .30 cents in North America. This offer will only be valid until June 11, so pick up this amazing deal while you can before the price goes to $7.99. The .30 cent version includes new features such as the ability to create your own save points, create custom controls, off TV Gamepad play and of course a Miiverse Community where players can share their experiences and thoughts of the game.


3DS And Wii U Focused Nintendo Direct Tomorrow

3DS WiiU Direct


Nintendo took to Twitter this morning to invite those who would like to take a minute out of Valentines Day tomorrow to view a new Nintendo Direct for America and Europe. Surprisingly Nintendo of Europe’s Direct will be focused solely on 3DS Whether this is due to struggling Wii U sales in Europe has yet to be confirmed. Nintendo stated this Nintendo Direct will be focused on Wii U and 3DS games at 6AM PST.



Wii U Direct Coming Tomorrow

Wii U Direct


Nintendo has announced that they will be holding a Nintendo Direct focused on Wii U games tomorrow at 6am PT/9am ET. In a recent message from Nintendo’s UK twitter account, Mr. Iwata stated he will reveal a new set of games during tomorrow conference. While this is not confirmed as an actual set of new games it could just be games receiving a release date for Europe. Check back tomorrow as we cover all the latest news to come from the Wii U Direct Nintendo Games tomorrow.

Nintendo Direct Now Confirmed for North America

Nintendo Direct

Nintendo announced today they would be holding a Nintendo Direct in Europe focusing on upcoming Wii U and 3DS software. Nintendo of America has announced via Twitter that they too will be holding a Nintendo Direct tomorrow morning at 9AM PT and will also be focusing on Nintendo 3DS and Wii U software for 2012-2013. If you would like to watch the Direct follow the link below.

Nintendo Direct (North America)

Final Nintendo Power Cover Revealed


Well it didn’t take long before Nintendo Powers final December issue cover was leaked into the wild. Above you can see the final cover is very reminiscent to the first cover issue back in 1988.

Nintendo Power has been in publication for 24 years and the last issue will be available on December 7, 2012. If your a subscriber and your subscription extends past the final issue, Nintendo Power will reimburse the remaining amount.

This reimbursement also applies to those who have received gift subscriptions, however the final amount will be returned to the person who gifted the subscription. Hats off to Nintendo Power for providing Nintendo Fans with entertaining reads, posters and other goodies over the years. You will be missed.

Nintendo President Hints Wii U Launch Window Surprises



During the Wii U launch event last Saturday, Kotaku had a chance to speak with Nintendo President Reggie Fils-Aime about the their next generation console. During the interview Reggie shed a few subtle hints that we may receive some surprise news during the launch window of the Wii U. Although Reggie was not specific with the hints one can only conjure up endless ideas of just what could be announced in the next few months. Perhaps their is a secret IP under Nintendo’s arms we have yet to hear about or maybe there is a sequel to Metroid Prime 3. Only time will tell what the big N has up their sleeve. Here’s what Reggie had to say:

“I think we will continue to surprise the fans with announcements and information.” “I would not go so far as to say you know everything in our launch window.”

WayForward Wants To Make A Metroid Game


WayFoward, creators of Mighty Switch Force, Shantae, A boy and his blob have recently let their Twitter fans know they would love a chance to make a Metroid game for Nintendo. If you’ve had a chance to go hands on with some of WayForwards games such as Mighty Switch Force or Shantae you’ll know right away these guys know what there doing when it comes to retro style games. Would you like to see a Metroid game created by WayForward?