Resident Evil Revelations Special Edition Bundle Headed to Japan


Earlier this week Capcom revealed that Resident Evil Revelations would be hitting all home consoles including Wii U. Today, Capcom has revealed that it will be putting a flashy new bundle together for Resident Revelations with a hefty price tag attached.

Behold the Resident Evil Premium Set featured in the above image. The bundle will come with a copy of the game, a soundtrack CD, a BSAA card case and a BSAA wristwatch. The wristwatch is reported to have been made by US Agency who are responsible for making police to FBI watches.

The bundle comes in three forms. The first and most expensive bundle will set you back 42,000 yen (approx. £293 / €346 / $467). The second bundle includes a copy of the game and the BSSA wristwatch which will cost 39,900 yen (approx. £279 / €329 / $440).

The final set includes all the items that the premium set has except the watch. This set will cost 7,490 yen (approx. £50 / €60 / $80) which gives you an idea of how expensive the BSSA watch really is. Capcom has not announced an American version of this bundle as of yet.


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