Crysis 3 Not Coming to Wii U Due to Lack of “business drive”


It has been confirmed that Crysis 3 will not be a possibility on Wii U after all. CEO and founder of Crytek Cevat Yerli recently stated that there is a lack of “business drive” between EA and Nintendo. Here’s a what Yerli had to say:

There has been discussions between Nintendo and EA and Crytek, but the bottom line is that there is that there’s not enough business drive in it.

It’s a purely business decision. I’d love to see it on Wii U, but what I love to see and what gets done at the end of the day are two different things. Even so, I could initiate it but someone has to sell it, right?

It’s a business decision between EA and Nintendo. If that business decision doesn’t make sense, or seems to not make sense for them, it’s… not possible for us to make it. We can’t publish ourselves, and that’s the bottom line.

Crysis 3 is set to launch in North America on February 19 for PS3, Xbox 360 and PC.

Source: Digital Spy


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