Diddy Kong Racing Sequel Coming to Wii U?


A GameFaqs member by the name of yakkiduck claims that he is friends with a developer from Monster Games and has revealed that the once popular Diddy Kong Racing will be making its return on Wii U in 2013. Here’s an excerpt of what yakkiduck had to say.

Back in 2011, after Pilotwings Resort wrapped up, Nintendo offered Monster Games different ideas for future projects. Around June 2011, Monster Games began work on a Diddy Kong Racing sequel for the Wii U. Nintendo owns the rights to Diddy Kong and Diddy Kong Racing, and Monster Games specialty is in the racing genre. Dave Broske and Dave Pollatsek are the programming leads on the game, and the game design chief is John Schneider. Josh Defries is working on Environment design. Kodai Matsumoto is a superviser on the project.

A guy named Mitch Ernst is another person working on the game. He’s involved in user interface design with the Wii U controller’s touchscreen. You can touch certain icons on the touchscreen to use power ups.

There were some legal grey zones with characters like Tip Tup, Timber, Bumper, etc, and Nintendo was in talks with Microsoft/Rare to clear it up. Banjo and Conker won’t be in the game.

The sequel to Diddy Kong Racing is planned for a 2013 release for the Wii U, and it will be revealed sometime next year. There will be an adventure mode similar to the Nintendo 64 game, as well as online multiplayer. Miiverse will be implemented into the game, and you’ll be able to race using your Mii’s as well as other characters.

If these claim hold true, it’s hard to believe Nintendo would choose to release this older franchise from the past over their popular Mario Kart series. 2013 should hold some interesting times for Nintendo if they are in fact branching out from their main franchises:


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