New Super Mario Bros. U not Compatible with Nunchuck


New Super Mario Bros. U will be launching alongside the Wii U console in just a week from now. The game can be controlled using either the Wii remote or the Wii U’s Gamepad. With New Super Mario Bros. Wii, you had the option of using a Nunchuck along with the Wii Remote. Not so in New Super Mario Bros. U. An odd choice, but perhaps the option was not included to avoiid over complicating the control options. Does the absence of the Nunchuck/Remote control scheme bother you or do you prefer the simplicity of the lone Remote?



  1. Clyde

    Personally I hate that you can’t use the nunchuk. I am so use to using it in the old game. I am just all thumbs with the remote. I am very disappointed with them being to lazy to add it to the new game.

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