Nintendo Reveals WaraWara Plaza and Wii U Chat Features

In a recent Japanese Nintendo Direct today it has been revealed that the Wii U’s concept name WaraWara Plaza will in be the official name and act as a home screen for the console. This allows players to instantly interact with others without the hassle of opening up a separate application. The icons seen in WaraWara Plaza represent the games that are being played by friends and people around the world. Comments above the players show you what the players thoughts are and will be updated daily. When the Wii U is turned on Players will be able to see what the hottest topics are and what others are playing during that time.

Players will have the option of swapping the WaraWara Plaza and Wii U menu between the TV and Gamepad. If the player taps on the character or game icon they will be able to see more information. Wii U also features a built in Chat system where players can send and receive calls. Players will be able to view each other and chat in real time. Players can also draw pictures on the screen in real time which the other player can view on his or her screen. While playing a game the Wii U’s home icon will aluminate with blue flashes notifying the user a call is incoming without interrupting the game. All of these features will be available when the Wii U launches through a system update.


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