GameMaster Publishes First Wii U Reviews


GameMaster has officially published two of the first Wii U reviews. The first two games up to receive reviews are the much anticipated New Super Mario Bros U and of course the much talked about Nintendo Land.

First up NSMB U received an 82% with GM stating that were “surprised” by the amount of innovation seen in some of the later levels in the game. GM went on to say that NSMB U “bodes well for Mario’s future Wii U outings.”

Next GM reviewed Nintendo Land giving it a high score of 86%. GM went on to say the games in Nintendo Land like Mario Chase and Luigi’s Mansion are “some of the most innovative, raucous and party-fuelling fun we’ve ever had with a console.” GM states that Nintendo Land is “an essential purchase for party lovers.”

It looks as though these two titles are set to pave a healthy strong start for the Wii U launch in just 14 days from now. Those who pre ordered the Deluxe Wii U will already have what appears to be a great party game packed right in.

Source: CVG


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