New Super Mario Bros U Introduces New Character, Nabbit



New Super Mario Bros U is the first Mario title to officially go HD and also the first to bring not just the familiar Mario world but a wide variety of new power ups, items and now a new character to the series. Without further a due welcome Nabbit. Nabbit is Mario’s new rival that will show up throughout the game from time to time. Nabbit is of course a thief dressed as a rabbit that likes to steal from Toad and take it to the next world map.

Once you chase after Nabbit and bounce on him you will successfully retrieve the stolen item. Nabbit will also give you an P-Acorn that allows Mario to transform into the squirrel suite and fly across an entire stage rather then just a short distance. The P-Acorn is much like the P-Wing in Super Mario Bros 3 but with added distance. One thing does strike us odd and that is just who is under this suite? Let’s be honest in saying that this looks to be Wario hiding behind a bunny costume stealing items in his typical fashion. Perhaps he will reveal himself later on in the game and maybe will even see a boss battle with Mario’s long time rival.


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