Nintendo Reveals Wii U Deluxe Digital Promotion

During the price and release date reveal, Nintendo announced a 32GB black Wii U that comes with a Premium service for the eShop. Consumers who purchase the Black 32GB Wii U would receive a premium service on the eShop and would be rewarded for purchasing games with points that could spent on other games within the eShop. Today Nintendo has shed light on the details regarding how the point system will function. When you purchase a game at $59.99 on the eShop you will receive 599 points. 500 points is equivalent to $5 on the eShop. These points can be spent on any games and content within the eShop itself. Download codes purchased from retailers will also count towards points earned on the eShop. The Deluxe Digital Promotion website is set to launch in December of 2012. Games purchased digitally on or after November 18th will have points automatically applied to your account.


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