Nintendo Confirms Ability to “Friend” Strangers on Miiverse for Wii U


Friend codes have always been a sore spot for Nintendo fans wishing to communicate with the outside world. It appears as though this may change with Nintendo’s upcoming social hub Miiverse. According to Nintendo President Satoru Iwata, players can friend people on Miiverse who share similar interests. Here’s what Iwata had to say:

Also, on Nintendo platforms up to this point, in order to become friends with people on the same system (specified people with whom you could exchange data), you were required to mutually enter numbers called “Friend Codes.” This was set in place in order to prevent negative gameplay experiences caused by a few people who might derive pleasure from anonymously harassing strangers, so that games could be played without that worry. On the Wii U, you can become friends with people who share your tastes through the Miiverse, so increasing the number of people to enjoy games with is its critical mission.

Source: neogaf


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