Nintendo Introduces Two New Wii Bundles for the Holiday Season

It seems Nintendo wants to squeeze every last penny from the Wii before its successor the Wii U arrives on November 18. Starting on November 4, you can pick up one of two Wii bundle themes. The Skylanders Giants Wii comes with a copy of the game, portal of power, two Skylanders figures and a giant Skylanders figurine for $149.99. The Skylanders pack features a blue Wii, Wii remote plus and matching nunchuck.

The second pack is a Just Dance 4 themed bundle. The bundle comes with a copy of Just Dance 4, the white Wii, Wii remote plus and a matching nunchuck. This bundle will be priced at just $129.99. Here’s what Nintendo of America’s vice president of Licensing Steve Singer had to say about the upcoming Wii Bundles.

“These bundles give consumers a way to enjoy some of the hottest new games for this generation’s most popular console at an attractive price. Together with our third-party publishing partners, we’re delivering maximum value for families who want to get the most for their home entertainment dollar.”


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