Nintendo Wii U’s Miiverse May Not Make Launch Day

According to a source from a NeoGAF forum, the much talked about Wii U online social service Miiverse may not arrive on Wii U consoles at launch. The source went on to state that Nintendo has not provided timely information for third parties and that they have yet had to time focus on Miiverse.Nintendo needs to stand up and address the lack of real online voice chat, shady online details and the possible delay of Miiverse at launch.

The lack of information on these services could be detrimental to the success of the Wii U’s launch. With less then a month from launch it would be in Nintendo’s best interest to hold a new Nintendo Direct explaining these issues in detail to give those who have spent over $400 on the system and a game piece of mind that they are not investing in a console that offers no real connection or true online functionality.

Source: Live Wii


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