Shigeru Miyamoto Stepping Down as EAD General Manager?

A rumor has been making the rounds today regarding Nintendo and some serious internal changes supposedly being put in play by Nintendo’s President, Satoru Iwata. One portion of the rumour is that Famed developer Shigeru Miyamoto will be stepping down as EAD’s General Manager to focus on smaller projects with a younger group of developers. Here a rundown of all rumoured changes:

– By December 2012, Iwata hopes to put in place a restructure of R&D
– this revolves around the new Kyoto R&D building
– building should house over 1200 developers
– Nintendo has continued to expand R&D operations in its Tokyo sector
– several veteran developers from Square, SEGA, Koei, Epoch, and Konami can easily transition to join the EAD Tokyo development section
– Shigeru Miyamoto is expected to leave the EAD Division most likely by December 2012
– Miyamoto has vocalized his intent of stepping aside as General Manager of EAD
– he may create a third development sector where he would work with younger developers
– Miyamoto would focus on smaller resources, and work faster to develop games

2013 Expected Iwata Changes

+ Major shift in Kyoto development sources involving 3 R&D buildings
+ Shigeru Miyamoto stepping down as EAD General Manager
+ Takash Tezuka becoming new EAD General Manager
+ New Groups / New Producers announced for EAD Kyoto / SPD Kyoto
+ EAD Tokyo Expansion / Masahiro Sakurai Possibly Joining EAD Tokyo
+ New Division lead by Miyamoto with younger staff focused on smaller scale games
+ Miyamoto’s Departure Inspiring New IPs for the EAD Kyoto Division

Source: GoNintendo


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