Canadian University Blocks Zapper Image from Game Club Poster


The Virtual Boyz home has made gaming headlines. Unfortunately, not for the better. Forbes has picked up a story from Halifax, Nova Scotia Canada. It looks like a gaming club in SMU (St. Mary’s University) was forced to change their illustrated add in the school paper as it contained inappropriate content. The content in question was the NES Zapper you can see in the above picture. Of course we agree that using gun imagery in school is a little inappropriate in a day and age when school shootings are a terrifying reality, but to block something that is so obviously seen as a symbol of gaming culture and not an instrument of death seems a tad silly. At this point I think we can all agree that the majority of people seeing this image would associate it with retro gaming + beer, rather than shootin’ shit and beer. The students followed instruction to change the poster and now have a power glove taking the place of the Zapper, but many feel this was unwarranted. Was it right for the picture to be blocked or is it paranoid imbeciles making foolish decisions?


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