Does the Wii U have Customizable Menu Screens?

The Wii U is now 44 days away until it launches in North America and we still haven’t received a glimpse into what the Wii U menu will look like. According to Nintendo Gamer Ubisoft “might have ” leaked details on the Wii U menu screen. During a press release for Just Dance 4, Ubisoft listed a set of detail for their Uplay achievement system where players can use units for performing specific in game tasks to purchase content like themes and avatars. According to the press release these are the four units you can unlock with Uplay Units which are listed below.

• A new title screen on Wii U (10 units) / A new X360 theme on Xbox360 (10 units) / A new wallpaper on PS3 (10 units)
• The Mash-up version of “Good feeling” (20 units)
• The Mash-up version of “Beauty and a beat” (30 units)
• The alternate version of “Call me maybe” (40 units)

According to the above list it appears as though players can unlock a new Wii U title screen. Now lets be clear about this in that this could simply mean a new title screen at the beginning of the game. It could also reveal the ability to customize the Wii U title screen but that seems highly unlikely at this point given Nintendo hasn’t been one for allowing menu backgrounds in their UI.

SourceNintendo Gamer


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