Nintendo Power Reveals New Rayman Legends Info

Nintendo Power has a new batch of information on the upcoming Rayman Legends for Wii U. Contrary to what Ubisoft previously stated players will be taking control of Rayman for the better part of the game. Heres a break down of the new information Nintendo Power provided:

  • Ubisoft really wanted to make Rayman Legends because of the GamePad
  • Ubisoft Montpellier was one of the first third-party studios to receive Wii U dev. kits
  • Michel Ancel says that the environment is very important in a platforming game, and the GamePad allows players to change the environment in new/different ways
  • Up to four players lead Rayman and company through levels with Wiimotes or Wii U Pro controllers
  • Fifth player manipulates surroundings with Murfy on the GamePad
  • Murfy can cut ropes, lower platforms, turn gears
  • Turn gears with the gyroscope
  • Murfy can be mischievous as well
  • It’s possible to take a health bottle from someone who’s about to take it and give it to another player
  • Murfy can use the environment to wreak havoc on other players
  • Ex: take lava and dump it on someone’s head
  • The team wants the GamePad player “to feel like they have an identity in the game’s world”
  • In single-player, you’ll mostly control Rayman or one of the other playable characters
  • Temporarily switch to Murfy when you reach certain sections
  • In these cases, AI will take over the other character
  • Developers promise that the AI will perform flawlessly
  • No mosquito levels
  • New character in each world
  • Barbara is from the medieval world



Source: gonintendo


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