Tons of New Multiplayer Info for Black Ops 2


Activision has let loose a ton of new information about how mutiplayer will work in Black Ops 2

– Combat Training: mode meant to introduce players to multiplayer basics against AI controlled bots
– Combat Training users can earn experience points and level their online soldier in ‘Boot Camp’
– Boot Camp lets players face off against a mixture of human players and bots in matches of Team Deathmatch
– earn full experience points and level up to a maximum level of 10
– stay within Combat Training and play through its ‘Objective’ mode
– this is where two teams of six (3 players, 3 bots) compete in objective-based game modes
– rank up beyond level 10 in this mode
– you are only given half of the usual XP
– ‘Bot Stomp’ is an experience point-free mode where teams of six players battle six bots in any gametype they choose
– all modes also include public matchmaking
– ‘Party Games’ includes Gun Game, One in the Chamber, Sharpshooter, and Sticks and Stones
– Custom Games can be created in all game modes
– Pick 10 system can be modified to allow a maximum of only 3 selections
– Pick 10 can also be modified to include 17 selections
– change a restrict default classes, even restricting content to a specific class
– player health can be adjusted, announcers can be silenced, the way scoring works can be modified, and even victory conditions for objective-based games can be changed
– these options extend to online, offline and LAN games
– bots can be added
– bots can even take over for a friend
– unlocking cosmetic content is now purely based on Challenges
– over 1000 challenges
– completing challenges is the only way to unlock weapon camo, new reticles, player card customization options and more
– every weapon can be customized
– based on the item, there are a base level of camo options but “high end camo” like gold or carbon fiber options can be unlocked after many challenges have been completed
– number of hidden camos, with “super big bling on them.”
– Reticles have “eight uniques per optic”
– special challenges unlock special reticles like “The Steve” a curly mustache reticle
– make your own emblems using a suite of options
– since custom emblems are considered player content, that can be disabled on the platform level and the game will revert to default rank emblems
– Theater Mode has a new option called ‘Highlight Reel’
– this will scour the replay of a match and automatically assemble together a film of your best moments
– cameras can now be affixed to any object
– Dolly Cam returns
– record the first-person view of any player
– parties can join a theater session
– allows for 20 clips per film
– a series of clips can now be merged into one
– includes simple up/down voting system
– hitting Prestige no longer resets weapon experience or unlocks
– it no longer wipes challenge progress
– 55 levels in Black Ops 2 with 10 levels of Prestige
– each level gives players a single unlock token
– this allows you to select from a list of content gated by rank
– reach Prestige earn a Prestige Unlock Token that ignores all level gates and unlocks that item permanently
– three options players must select from: they can unlock an extra Custom Class slot (with a max of five), players can choose to completely reset their stats to “truly start over” and you can ask for a ‘Refund’ of all used tokens
– reach all 10 levels of Prestige to be awarded a special emblem and all content is unlocked for your use
– ‘Hardpoint’ mode is inspired by traditional King of the Hill modes
– Points on the map constantly move and it’s up to your team to control the territory for longer than the other team
– other modes: Team Deathmatch, Free For All, Demolition, Headquarters, Capture the Flag, Search and Destroy and Kill Confirmed
– Team Deathmatch, Kill Confirmed and Hardpoint are all available as multi-team matches for up to 18 players and up to six teams
– new map: ‘Overflow’
– battle on the ruined streets of Peshawar, Pakistan
– new map: ‘Hijacked’
– close quarters combat on the high seas on a fancy yacht
– new map: ‘Express’
– fight at the Los Angeles terminal of the California High-Speed Rail
– this map features moving bullet trains that will kill you if you get in their way


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