3DS XL Circle Pad Pro Better Then Expected

Kotaku recently went hands on with the 3DS XL Circle Pad Pro. It appears that despite the increase in size, the new XL circle pad pro features new improvements making the overall comfort factor better. The XL circle Pad Pro features a new curved grip below the second analog stick making the grip feel more natural and easy on the hands. Kotaku went on to explain that while the plastic still feels cheap the overall design feels compact and very usable. The buttons all feel the same with the exception of the left and right triggers which apparently feel smaller.

Kotaku wasn’t able to confirm whether this was psychological or  the buttons were in fact smaller. Overall it appears as though the XL Circle Pad Pro won’t be as much of a burden as some had expected.  There is still no official release date for North America and Europe but we should expect to hear some news on a release date in the upcoming months.

Source: kotaku


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