Gears of War Creator Loves Nintendo

Gears of War creator Cliff Bleszinski recently responded to open questions on Reddit stating that he would be keeping a close eye on the forthcoming Wii U. Bleszinski also stated that he has big love for all things Nintendo. Heres what Cliff Bleszinski had to say:

“Being raised on All Things Nintendo I will always I love all things Nintendo. I’ll be watching the Wii U closely. I think Nintendo may have initially lost a little of their core with the Wii for a bit, honestly, and they seem to have realized this. I believe they also recognize that we live in a “multi-screen” culture hence the controller design. I played ZombiU at PAX and it was promising (even though the controls could use a little loving!) so we’ll have to wait and see”.

Bleszinski also revealed one of his most beloved Nintendo franchises, The Legend of Zelda:

Yes, the original Zelda. It felt like a mirror of my childhood growing up in New England. The sense of exploration, the hidden caves and items, the music, all of it. Sometimes I’ll go to Youtube and call up the title screen and get chills at the goodness that is the opening 8 bit theme”.


Source: Reddit


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