Wii U Box Art Reveals Real Time Chat


For years Nintendo fans have dreamt of the day when they would be able to have real time conversations with friends without limitations. The 3DS began this with small sayings above your Mii in the friends list and with Swapnote where you can send small notes to friends.

The problem with this was the delay in sending the message. While the message above your Mii in your friends list was in a sense real time, you were limited to the number of characters you could input and Swapnote has quite a delay in sending times.

The folks over at Nintendo Nation used a keen eye to reveal some interesting features set to come on the Wii U system. When zooming in on the box art, a section called “Connect” reveals a new real time voice chat feature. Here is a break down of the list for those who may not be able to decipher it:

• Make and share new Mii characters

• Easily interact with friends, family and people around the world with Miiverse

• Download add-on content, full games, classic games and applications from Nintendo eShop (all contents sold separately).

• Communicate with other Wii U owners in real time with Wii U Chat

It seems apparent now more then ever that Nintendo is taking the social connectivity of their next generation console seriously and players will soon be able to connect with others without the hassle of message delays and limited connectivity.


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