New Details and Rumours Emerge about Nintendo Land

Game Informer has teased it’s October issue cover, centred on NSMB U and that there will be a huge amount of information on other Nintendo titles coming to the Wii U. One such title is the controversial Nintendo Land. New details have emerged regarding the Nintendo Land feature in the magazine. First off, the Find Mii demo from E3 2011 is making an appearance under a new title, Metroid Blast. This is a 5 player game where 4 players are on foot using Wii remotes, while the fifth player uses the Gamepad and flies Samus’ famous ship avoiding attack from the players below. Here are more leaked details from the magazine.

  •  ride a small train to and from attractions
  •  spend coins in the hub that you’ve earned by playing attractions
  •  winning pachinko games populates the park with Nintendo memorabilia
  •  this includes Miis in Zelda costumes
  •  Metroid Blast has everyone dress up in Samus’ armor
  •  one player flies Samus’ ship using the GamePad and screen  
  •  4 Wii MotionPlus players (plus Nunchuk) try to shoot down the ship
  •  no radar available
  •  includes a lava-filled Norfair map
  •  this map features a mechanical Kraid that players can grapple up
  •  Metroid Blaster requires Wii MotionPlus

In addition to this news, Australian retailer , JB Hi-Fi, Has listed Nintendo Land as a standalone game rather than a pack in which it was previously believed to be. It could just be speculative guessing but Nintendo has been having retail meetings so this could be legit. We’re less than a week away from Nintendo of America’s press conference, hopefully we’ll get solid details then.

Source: NintendoLifeNeoGaf


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