Developer: The Wii U is Not About Power, it’s About the Experience

Whenever a new gaming console is announced the first thing on everyone’s mind is how much power does it have? This has been a fact in the industry for a long time now. Nintendo is a company that wants to get away from that idea that power is everything. They want to put experience and gameplay first. John Nash, a Design Director at Blitz Games, agrees with this outlook. Nash mentioned that he understands it’s easy for developers and gamers alike to get hung up on horsepower, there’s much more to gaming than that.

“It’s not about beating everyone else in a surface shader processing clock speed war. That’s not what Nintendo is about. They’re about saying, ‘we’ve got this great roster of IP, all these great characters, how do we build a piece of cost-effective hardware that will allow our players to interact with this IP and great worlds and characters in a new way?’”


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