New Super Mario Bros 2 Outsells Original

According to MCV, New Super Mario Bros 2 has outsold the original New Super Mario Bros on the DS by a whopping 29.4 percent more in the UK. The original had sold over 450’000 copies by the end of 2006. With the game released worldwide now both in retail and digital form there is still much time to grow. The current sales figures for New Super Mario Bros 2 does not account for the digital sales as of yet.




  1. Cherie Davis

    How many hours of gameplay is average in SMB2? Just curious, because several friends who’ve played it already finished it in 4-5 days. How much replay incentive?

    • virtualboyznintendonews

      Hey Cherie, this is Athibz from the Virtual Boyz. If you play through game without attempting to collect all the star coins then yes depending on play sessions one could beat the game in a few short days. With that said if you collect all the star coins, and unlock the secret worlds and coin rush mode there is plenty to keep the player coming back for more.

      If your competitive then you’ll love the collect 1 million coins incentive the game offers. It makes for a fun race to 1 million with friends. I hope that best answers your questions.


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