Opinion: So you say you want an Eternal Darkness sequel? by Mr.Wile

Oh Gamecube… The magical purple lunch box.

You had some great ups and some very low downs. I remember when I first bought my own Gamecube. I saved and saved and even traded in my guitar for that purchase. I was never very good with guitar… It was the first time I owned a video game system. I felt very proud that day. I didn’t really have much as far as a job so a lot of the games I purchased were first party and only really rented 3rd party offerings. One night I was staying over at a friends and we decided to go to VenusVideo, the local video store, and rent a game. We mauled over the multiplayer titles and couldn’t find anything interesting and finally came across Eternal Darkness: Sanity’s Requiem. I told my friend I had heard about this game and it looked freaky as hell! We were stoked and decided to go for it. We hooked the Cube to my buddies TV and new sound system and we played through the night. It was one of the craziest game experiences I’ve ever had. The most unexpected things were happening, and things didn’t make sense. Limbs were falling off, my characters body sank into the floor, and as the game went on things just got weirder and weirder.

If you haven’t played the game before, well first of all you need to! The plot of the game was pretty straight forward, it was the sanity bar that made the game a brand new experience. In the game you play Alexandra Roivas and you’re investigating the mysterious murder of her grandfather. As you progress through the game you go through several stories featuring different lead characters. As you run through the stories of these different characters you’re able to progress with Alexandra, through her grandfathers house unlocking new tales and getting closer to the answer to you grandfathers demise. The catch, of course, was as you progress your insanity bar goes up and things start getting more and more confusing. Things begin to happen that throw you off and get you scared, not because things jump out at you but because you don’t know what’s happening. Is the game messing up, or is it playing mind games. It’s always the latter of course, and it makes for a very fun experience.

Fast forward 10 years and we’ve heard rumblings about a potential sequel to one of the greatest games to grace the GameCube. Silicon Knights announced they were working on a game fans have been asking them for. Most have assumed this is a sequel to Eternal Darkness. My question is, although Eternal Darkness is a fantastic game, do we really need a sequel? I feel like the novelty of the game wouldn’t be there with a sequel. You’d be expecting crazy things to happen, where as with the original it was all a surprise. Silicon Knights might have a few tricks up their sleeve but I idea of Eternal Darkness has already been seen? It’s not fresh anymore.


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