Developer Nnooo Makes More Money On WiiWare/DSiware Then iOS

In a recent interview with Gamasutra and Nic Watt the Creative Director of Nnooo, an interesting fact of sales has come out. Watts stated the following to Gamasutra:

In terms of sales, we have not seen anywhere near the volume of sales for Pop on iOS devices as we have on WiiWare and DSiWare,” Watt says.

He mentioned that the main advantages with Nintendo’s consoles are consumers are interested in games, first and foremost.

“The main advantage as far as we are concerned is that the people who buy Nintendo platforms actually care about buying and playing games. They are actively engaged in gaming and want new content and experiences,” says Watt. “In comparison I feel that too many users of iOS are freeloaders who just want as much as they can get for as little expenditure. They are not looking for quality experiences or for longevity. They just want novelty and cheap prices.”


Source: Gamasutra



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