Nintendo Announces 17 Upcoming eShop Titles

This morning Nintendo announced major 3DS and 3DSware titles scheduled for this holiday. In light of this news digital fans can now get a taste of whats to come in the next four months. Here is a list of the 17 upcoming 3DS eShop titles.


Arc System Works Vector Racing Aug. 23
Endgame Studio Fractured Soul Q3
Gamelion Speed X Q4
Konami Gradius Q4
Konami Mystical Ninja starring Goemon Q3
Nicalis Cave Story Q3
Nicalis Nightsky Q4
Nintendo Pokémon Dream Radar Oct. 7
Nintendo Sparkle Snapshots 3D Oct. 18
Nintendo Pokédex 3D Pro Nov. 8
Nintendo Fluidity: Spin Cycle Q4
Nintendo Wario Land II Q4
Nintendo Zelda II: The Adventure of Link Q4

nnooo Spirit Hunters Inc. Q4
Teyon Crazy Chicken: Pirates 3D Aug. 16
UFO Interactive Johnny Impossible Q3
XSEED Games Unchained Blades Q3


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